Interview : Barry Pener, Founder of GRINDHOUSE DENIM

So for those who aren’t familiar with Grindhouse Denim Brand, could you tell us a little about the brand in just a few short sentences?

GRINDHOUSE Denim is inspired by NYC's 1920's burlesque theaters were bump and grind dancing and striptease were popular. The brand provides a full line of street attire that is trendsetting while being quality-made and affordable. 

What & Where does GRINDHOUSE get its inspiration for new washes and styles for each upcoming season?

The designer of our styles has been in the been in the denim work for 25 years and has seen trends come and go. He's inspired by watching the fashion industry with a close eye to see what's selling now and then he figures out what's coming next. He likes to push the boundaries and come up with unique ideas and leading items, never a follower. 

How long has GRINDHOUSE been in the denim industry?

The brand has been around for 3 years but is now making a major push with availability nationwide. 

What can we expect to see from GRINDHOUSE for FAll/Winter 2015?

Our fall collection is full of cutting edge styles from dark washes, distressed looks and patch work. Additionally, the collection includes denim jackets that are on trend and have been very popular among consumers so far. We are also planning to launch a special holiday collection later this year.  

It may be a little early but , could GRINDHOUSE give us a sneak peek into what SS16 will hold as far as cuts & washes etc ?

We are planning a lot of foil treatments with more exaggerated abrasions and colors - not just your traditional blue. 

How does GRINDHOUSE find the balance between classic styling and trends with the release of each collection?

We don't do classic, we are on trend all the time. If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready. 

For our readers looking to purchase GRNDHOUSE Denim where can they go ?

GRINDHOUSE Denim is available nationwide at major retailers such as the Buckle, Tilly's, City Gear, Dr. Jays and more. We are also in the process of developing e-commerce for our website to provide consumers even easier access to the denim. 

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