G Herbo Welcome To My Neighborhood

G Herbo is the latest guest to appear on Karen Civil & Civil Tv's "Welcome To My Neighborhood" series. G Herbo talks about growing up in Chicago, his recording process, and his life.
Directed by @lvtrtoinne.

Whoopi Goldberg Goes Sneaker Shopping


In collaboration with Chicago hip-hop artist Clew Rock and Chicago music production company Machine Wash.  "Dopestetic" was produced in July of 2018.


Phor - Help

Image result for PHOR HELP
Phor releases a new Lehday produced single titled Help . On Help Phor covers a plethora of topics from  managing success, family, naysayers and a lot more .


The Shift: Conversation With Creatives Ft. Sommelier Derrick Westbrook

Episode 2 of The Shift: Conversations with Creatives features Chicago based Sommelier Derrick Westbrook . Westbrook speaks on making wine relatable, the process of becoming a Sommelier and some interesting wine pairings....

2 Chainz Gets a $1,000 IV Drip Hangover Cure | Most Expensivest


Tony Cartel - Too Loud

Tony Cartel releases "Too Loud' produced by @logic84alwayzcinematic. Too Loud serves as
Tony's cease & desist letter on a multitude of  clown-like behaviors, that have become too common . Check out track here & all streaming platforms. You won't be disappointed unless of course you're a top performer in the circus